Budget-friendly ways to embark on a world tour


Globetrotters and travel bloggers often ask questions like "how do you pay for frequent travel?" This inquisitiveness seems reasonable, but the answer to this question remains in most cases the same – "why don't you do any research?" But people who are under time pressure may find this task somewhat daunting. Here you will find everything you wanted to know about budget travel. We discover travel secrets for you, thanks to which you can set off on your dream journey around the world without breaking the bank

1. Choose low-budget flights and use loyalty programs to your advantage

Travelers who don't mind a little cramped leg space or miss a luxurious meal can try different low cost airlines. Without a doubt, the choice is endless, but here's what we guarantee and recommend. If you want to limit your budget to around EUR 10 (GBP 9), flights available through easyJet, Ryanair and Vueling are the best in Europe. Are you looking for an affordable offer in Asia? You can choose one from Indigo, Air Asia or SpiceJet. In America, prominent airlines, Southwest and JetBlue offer the most cost-effective flying solutions. But here is heads-up. If you have a ticket at a low price, chances are that they operate from airports located in the farthest outskirts of the city, and you may have to spend a fortune on any additional service that the airline can offer.

In addition, there are sites that fairly compare air fares and provide profitable opportunities. Some of these sites are. Kayak, Skyscanner and Kiwi offer amazing results that will help you make the final choice, especially if you haven't finalized your destination.

Alternatively, as a bold move, you can join these loyalty programs. If jargons such as points, miles and loyalty don't get through your head, you can check out the One Mile at the Time blog, which simplifies such concepts in addition to offering amazing flight deals.

2. Earn abroad

Turn into an Au pair or cruise ship crew, but earn while traveling abroad. And trust it – there are plenty of sources to earn money on the go. Yes, you will not get five-star treatment during the entire trip, but you will certainly reduce the cost of food and accommodation. Holders of American diplomas can even join the Peace Corps in areas such as environmental protection, education and health. And those who are not American natives will be able to teach in countries such as Korea, Japan, Spain and France.

If you don't mind getting your shirt dirty, you can also become a WWOOF member that allows volunteers to interact with sustainable farms around the world. This organization forces you to spend several hours a day working on improving these farms.

Now people who love to be athletes at sea can offer their services on ships as part of their crew. Associating names such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean can be very beneficial because they provide large hooks as well as entertainment in port cities. Yacht work – luxury, charter or private – can also be rewarding.

3. Make accommodation affordable

For globetrotters with a budget crisis, there are sites like Agoda and Hostelworld that compare guest and hostel fees. You can rely on Airbnb to find great accommodation in your local community. And if you don't mind working, you can register for the house-sit service and take advantage of free amenities. Websites such as TrustedHousesitters, MindMyHouse and Carers can act as a perfect connection between vacation home owners and potential home carers. You can also live in an empty university dormitory in Europe, often offered to travelers at a reduced price. Try couchsurfing if you like the idea of ​​mixing with the locals. Free accommodation would be an added benefit.

4. Pay less for commutation

Are you thinking of boarding a regional jet for extra luxury? Think again, it may cost you dearly. Alternatively, you can travel by cars and buses. Choose cheap tours around Europe or America offered by inexpensive bus companies such as Megabus. To travel safely by car, log in to Bla Bla Car or Thanks to them, you'll get to the cars going to their destination. Before you travel abroad, apply and obtain an international license. Certainly it will cause trouble for travel.

5. Take part in various programs

Servas is an international, multicultural organization that offers hospitality to people with broad horizons who want to know about the cultural trends and ways of life of the inhabitants of the place they visit. Although it is not easy to become a proven member, the extent of penetration of cultures is limitless here. Even the annual membership fees are not high. Alternatively, you can connect with residents interested in offering a place to stay, food or time to give a tour. You can do this using sites like Hospitality Club and Global Freeloader.

6. Refrain from being too fussy

Hop on the plane and land at your dream destination – is it ever happening? No! Being too picky is never a good idea. So be flexible. Do not reject the option of traveling out of season. Don't be too picky about the departure airport. And always expect great things in the store, even if it is a less popular destination that you plan to visit. Sometimes doing things other than planned may allow you to travel at one-time prices.