Is Budget Travel just for you? Weigh the pros and cons


Saving enough money for your next vacation may seem insurmountable. Have you decided to explore budget travel options? Be careful! The word "budget" does not always mean that you will save money – or that you will enjoy your vacation.

Cheap airlines


• You can save a lot of money.

• Safety is on a par with larger airlines, because the control process is the same, no matter how much you pay for the flight.


• Flights often land at ancillary airports, which may be several kilometers away from the destination.

• Cancellations are common on low cost airlines. You can end the problem and try to organize a new flight.

• Discounted airlines may charge a lot more for checked baggage or overweight, insurance and other services offered by smaller airlines at a lower cost (or free of charge).

• Flight services and facilities may be minimal.

All inclusive packages


• Return flights are often part of the cost, so there are no hidden surprises. Because resorts have direct contact with airlines and other carriers, they can negotiate better prices.

• Meals and drinks are usually delivered, which eliminates the need to search for local restaurants or buy meals.

• Sports equipment, such as diving equipment, is usually provided. Free instructions are often included.


• Because everything takes place locally, there is little or no interaction with local culture and customs, unless the resort includes local trips in the price.

• Some resorts with cheap packages charge fees for extras. Read all brochures and ads so that you know what to expect. Weigh the cost of extras and compare with other resort offers.

• Poorly maintained or poorly fitted sports equipment can cause accidents and even death.

• Courses (such as diving) may be charged extra; read the fine print.

• If the tip is included in the total price, you cannot reward good results and the staff may not be as attentive in these types of centers.



• Meals, uncontaminated water and coffee are free. Some cruises provide free wine.

• Many onboard activities, including entertainment, are part of the total cost of the cruise.

• You don't have to worry about planning activities or getting lost in an unknown neighborhood. Everything is nearby; classes are organized by a tour company; you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

• After unpacking you can have fun. You completely avoid the boredom of packing / unpacking at every stage of the journey.

• Cruise lines often work directly with airlines to provide packages that include affordable return flight.


• Living quarters are cramped. If you don't really get along with your companion, your patience may be put to the test.

• The chances of discovery are minimal because you spend most of your time on board.

• Shore excursions will not allow you to travel far from the dock for sightseeing.

• Port taxes and fees are usually not included in the cost of the trip.

• There is usually an additional charge for bottled water, gourmet coffee, gourmet meals and alcohol.

• Salon and spa treatments are usually quite expensive.

• Washing and dry cleaning services are quite expensive.

• Internet access is expensive and notoriously free.

Are some of these facts surprising you? Consider all options before making a decision that you may regret later.