Fun things to try this summer that are ALMOST FREE!


In the summer, your wallet can be a big hit due to expenses such as outdoor barbecue parties, beach trips and more. Even if you're on a budget or are wondering if you can save a lot of money, there are plenty of cool things to do without spending too much. Summer activities, including local events such as concerts, festivals and exhibitions, are usually affordable or offered free of charge, regardless of where you live.

Here are some ideas for free and fun things to do in the summer that won't cost you a fortune:

  1. Picnic in local parks: Choose a beautiful day and go straight to a local park for a picnic instead of spending a lot of money at a restaurant. Parks are the perfect place to enjoy the green of the season, and the best part is that admission is free.
  2. Free outdoor film screenings: Many cities and towns organize free outdoor film screenings in local squares or city centers. It can be an exciting way to play with friends and family, enjoy culture, and maybe even meet with several neighbors.
  3. Poviat fairs instead of theme parks: Many county fairs offer relatively cheaper rides and other attractions compared to large amusement parks. Some markets even offer special days with discounts and allow you to take personal picnic items with you to save money on food. Volunteering at trade shows can also give you a free pass!
  4. Camping: If you have camping equipment, consider camping in the yard to spend your summer cheaply and pleasantly. Put up a tent, light a fire and cook marshmallows under the stars. Children will love this idea!
  5. Free visits to the zoo or museum: Remember to look for free admission to the zoo or museum in your area. A visit to one of them will certainly be an unforgettable experience! Also, don't forget to carry food and drinks so as not to be tempted to buy snacks.
  6. Local plays: A few small communities still run the theater, theater or opera and conduct local productions of plays and musicals. Most of them can offer discounted accommodation. Take part in a local art or musical to get an exciting and enriching experience.
  7. Free classes for the community: During the weekend, many institutions and local stores run free summer classes on various topics for children and adults. Stop at a local grocery store and take part in a free cooking lesson or hardware store to broaden your knowledge about home repair.

You can try these ideas for cool things to do in the summer to create beautiful memories without breaking the bank.