Get the lowest fare available and travel often


If you can get a great ticket booking offer and get the lowest fare available, you can easily travel more often.

I am a frequent traveler all over the world, I am also a holder of a Platinum Skyblue card and usually find my own tickets and save a lot of money, here are some tips that will help you with your next purchase.

I always book early, at least a month in advance, the closer to departure, the more prices fluctuate between airlines.

I rarely use a travel agency unless they can get a better deal, but at least I consult websites like Expedia and Orbitz before talking to my agent. I always check the offers of airlines, because the prices will always be different. If at all possible, check the flight fares a few days before the scheduled departure and a few days after the scheduled departure, again there are usually large price differences.

Try to use credit cards that will provide you with travel insurance, medical coverage and car rental insurance. Such a card can be returned during the first trip, you can even collect airline miles. Read the small prints carefully.

You can often get great deals by stopping at the main center and using regional airlines to get to your destination, thinking about when I used Olympic Airlines, for example from Athens to Santorini, or using the Mango airline between Johannesburg a Cape Town in South Africa. They were cheap compared to major airlines. Also use this trick to go from Bangkok to Phuket, Thailand, also a great destination.

There are such amazing travel options, but I just wanted to make this short and informative article. We are just scratching the surface of air travel, but I encourage you to look at it, we are so used to going in one direction like the people around us that we forget that we can now travel around the world quickly and economically. So go ahead, get the lowest price available and travel more often!