Hornbaek – North Sealand, Denmark

An excellent choice for a Danish sea side vacation is the old fishing village, Hornbaek – in North Sealand.

The Harbor has a very active, modern yachting harbor with all the necessary facilities. For many years both the harbor and the beach have been awarded the “Blue Flag” and as one of the only towns in Denmark, Hornbaek beach provides access to the beach for wheelchair users.

The beach activities are endless! You can rent water cycles, play beach volley or go windsurfing.

If you love the peace by the seaside but still desire the possibility of sightseeing and city-life the Danish capital, Copenhagen, with all its attractions, is only a 45 minutes drive away. The liveliness of Copenhagen is famous amongst travellers. The enthralling atmosphere and active nightlife in the capital entice everyone who visit.

You can catch a glimpse of Sweden on the other side of the water and the Swedish coast can be reached in 20 minutes by boat.

Kronborg Castle, known from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, is 12 km away from Hornbaek and is well worth a visit. “Kronborg Slot” is one of the most significant Renaissance castles in Northern Europe.

Hornbaek has a reputation of being one of Denmark’s most popular holiday spots and when you stroll the marina with all its attractive cafes and restaurants after a an eventful day – or a long day in the sun you will understand why.

It is a real treat for everyone who enjoys life at the seaside: the beach, the light, the fresh air, the scenery, the quiet of the countryside and peace of mind combined with a wide range of restaurants, a variety of shops and an inspiring cultural life.

All this attracts visitors from a large area – so please: remember well in advance to book accommodation whether you want to stay in holiday houses, annex, hotel, guesthouse, campsite or Bed & Breakfast.

Reward Your Employees with Travel Incentives

Reward your Employees with Travel Incentives

Motivating employees, especially highly competitive employees like inside and outside salespersons and telemarketers, can be a challenge. Sure, everyone likes cash, but what if you could offer a incentive that was worth more than cash? That’s what travel incentives are all about.

What do you think would generate more excitement among your employees; offering $50 to the person who sets the most appointments in one day, or offering a 3 day and 2 nights hotel stay in Hawaii including airfare? I’ll bet that you didn’t have to think about that for too long. The Hawaii trip wins hands down.

I’ll also bet that you’re thinking “sure, I would love to give away a travel incentive deal like that, but how can I afford it?” Prepare to be shocked. You see, travel incentive coupons sell for pennies on the dollar. The key to success in offering travel incentives is their perceived value, not their actual cost to you. The truth is, most travel incentive coupons cost under $10 each. That means that instead of giving away $50 in real money, you’re spending less than $10 and giving away something that’s worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Travel incentives are coupons good for real travel to desirable destinations. There are no gimmicks. The travel industry authorizes distribution of these coupons through approved brokers. Depending upon the offer, these certificates can be redeemed for air travel, cruises, hotel stays, and lots of other travel opportunities.

Hotel and airline operators know that they will rarely be booked to 100% of their capacity. Rather than have empty seats or rooms, they offer free travel deals. They know that the vacationer is going to spend more money on food, sightseeing, and other products and services during their stay, so the free travel offer isn’t a dead loss. In addition, airline and hotel management is counting on the fact that the guest will have such a good time that they will come back some other time and pay full fare.

This means that travel incentives are a triple win. The airlines win, the hotels win, and you win by offering a productivity incentive with a perceived value many times greater than the actual cost. You’ll be a hero with your employees and productivity will soar.

Where to buy travel incentives

You should only buy your travel incentives from an authorized travel incentives broker. That way you are assured of receiving genuine certificates that are good on major airlines and at quality hotels. There are a lot of inferior travel offers out there, and you don’t want to disappoint your employee by sending them to a second-rate hotel on an unknown airline.

One of the other advantages of dealing with authorized brokers is that they are able to offer you the ability to combine different travel incentive coupons to create even better packages. For example, you can combine a 3 day, 2 night, 3-star hotel package with a $500 spending certificate in some cities.

Another popular combination is to create a getaway package that includes dream vacations like a 4 or 5-star hotel package that’s combined with a free round-trip airfare travel coupon. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Stop offering boring bonuses and give your best performing employees the travel vacation of their dreams. Ordering travel incentive coupons is easy, inexpensive, and can be done 100% on-line.

Hotels in St Andrews – Golfing and Luxury Accommodation in St Andrews

St Andrews is a small town located in the Kingdom of Fife on the east coast of Scotland. The town is best known as being the "Home of Golf", this is a reference to the Old Course golf course which is one of the oldest courses in the world and one of the most famous golf courses in the world.

There are six golf courses within St Andrews and there are dozens more within the immediate area. The towns tourist industry is heavily dependent on golf, with a wide selection of golf specialist stores in the town center and also several hotels offering views over the Old Course.

There is more to St Andrews than just golf, it has many historic buildings and a unique architecture and strict that draws comparisons with Edinburgh. The two main examples of these are St Andrews Castle and St Andrews Cathedral.

Both of these structures are next to each other and are open all year round to visitors. They are run and maintained by Historic Scotland and the castle in particular offers an excellent photo opportunity as it looks out onto the coast of St Andrews.

Although St Andrews is a small town there is no shortage of accommodation available through the town center. Most have views of a golf course and for a small place a large amount of St Andrews hotels are five star rated and offer luxury accommodation.

The two most popular luxury hotels in St Andrews are the Old Course and the Fairmont. The Old Course Hotel is situated over looking the Old Course golf course and it has some fantastic facilities. There are Spa facilities and a fine dining restaurant in the hotel and luxury rooms which offer panoramic views of the golf course. It also has a central location with the town center being only a ten minute walk away and the main attractions only 15 minutes away.

The Fairmont St Andrews is situated on the edge of the town and overlooking St Andrews Bay. It has two championship golf courses within its grounds and also has spa facilities. The rooms and standard of service are second to none, as you would expect from a five star resort.

There are other luxury hotels which are located along the old course and they all offer guests very comfortable accommodation and golf views. There are cheaper alternatives available in the town with backpacking accommodation at the ST Andrews Tourist Hostel being the cheapest.

Traveling With Kids in Buenos Aires

Argentina is known for its spectular architecture and culture. Aside for being the capital city of Tango, it has dazzling sites for travelers; in business and families.

Buenos Aires is a wonderful place to visit and just by walking is the best way to explore the city. Various tourists' destinations in the place are within easy access. The city offers dazzling and splendid views that the family can enjoy including as much as the kids. Find out the best of the cities brightly colored barrios with the help of the cities most prominent landmarks. Either you travel for the purpose of discovering the history, culture, food and dances in city, rest assured you will love the place and will have a fun-filled experience even the kid at the heart of Buenos Aires. The rich city is blessed with luxury and cheap hotels that offer best accommodations giving you comfort while in the city. The city is safe and friendly for children with wide variety of delicacies they may delight with.

Here are simple things you can enjoy in traveling with your kids in Buenos Aires:

Palermo Parks

Enjoy walking around Palermo Parks, which is filled with families during weekends. You can enjoy while having a picnic in the park and in playing some sports. The children can also enjoy the zoo right located in Palermo with over 350 species including elephants and tigers. Rest assured all family members will have a pleasant experience while having a rest in this wonderful and splendid Palermo Park.


You do not have to worry where to eat while exploring the city, in itself has a variety of vendors in the street and trendy restaurants. Best delicacies local and international were offered for you to complete your day. Barbecue meat "Asado" is served in various restaurants as a mark for their national tradition. Reward your kids with the best ice cream served in the city invidious chains. You just taste the life living in Buenos Aires while having a meal at the heart of the city.


Roller coaster rides at Parque de la Costa is made to perfection for kids to enjoy. It's a fun filled experience that keep visitors to come back for more.


Enjoy the show held in various streets of Buenos Aires. There are lots of street performers on squares, pedestrian malls and around markets. You will mostly enjoy watching magnificent Latin dances, and puppet shows on this streets. Sometimes you do not need to spend for an expensive show to entertain. At Buenos Aires, everywhere is an entertainment.


The city of Buenos Aires offers various great hotels for you to stay with your kids. Most of the hotels are embellishable with spectacular arts and designs of local artist and other influences like European style decors. After a tiring experience of exploring the city, it's the best way to relax in the hotel and enjoy the best offers and accommodations made for guests convenience and comfort. Some hotel offers a meal in a restaurant near a pool. There are also hotel that has terraces and balconies overlooking the city.

Planning a Child-Friendly Vacation in Chicago Hotels

If you're planning a family vacation to the Windy City, look for Chicago hotels that offer child-friendly amenities and services. Besides taking them to fun venues like Navy Pier, the Apollo Theater, or the Adler Planetarium, you should also consider what they might want to do while in the hotel. Fun activities can keep them occupied during lulls in between sightseeing and shopping, and can be a great way to end a day.

Today, kids are used to having numerous sources of entertainment. From television, to video games, to gadgets, not a second is wasted not sitting in front of a brightly-lit screen. Because of this, their tolerance for boredom is significantly lower compared to children from past generations. And as a result, staying in the hotel room with nothing to do at the end of the day or in between activities can leave them restless. Fortunately, good hotels have this covered by providing variety in terms of amenities.

While good hotels usually offer cable television, pay-per-view movies, and a DVD / VCR player, some Chicago hotels will also include video games and high-speed wireless Internet access. And depending on hotel rules, you can even bring your pet to keep the kids company. These should keep them occupied until it's time to enjoy the many kid-friendly places in the city like the Shedd Aquarium, the Chicago Children's Museum, or Wagner Farm.

You do not have to limit your kids to activities inside the room. Get them in their bathing suits, greet the Chicago sun, and have some family fun at your hotel's pool deck. You can also look into bike rental services. This is a great idea if you're staying at a hotel near some of Chicago's scenic spots, like Lake Michigan. After an afternoon of bicycling, treat them to dessert or their favorite snack through room service.

You can also ask your Chicago hotel's concierge about the nearest pizza place or ice cream parlor you can go to. If you're staying somewhere in Streeterville, for example, your kids can enjoy the delicious pizzas at Amira at North Cityfront Plaza Drive or ice cream at Shula's Steak House at East North Water Street.

Keeping kids entertained is often a challenge for parents, but by choosing one of the many Chicago hotels based on the various amenities they offer, you can sit back and relax while they entertain themselves. You can even join in on the fun!

Dublin Hotels Offer Great Deals in Economic Downturn

The early days of March in Ireland are cold and frosty but there is an expectancy in the air as the days begin to stretch out and the prospect for a good spring and summer season bring some optimism to a beleaguered Ireland travel industry. As with many sectors of the Irish economy, travel and accommodation have been particularly affected by the free fall in the fortunes of Ireland Inc.

The last three years have seen the demise of the once thriving engine of the construction industry which employed hundreds of thousands of jobs and vast amounts of revenue to the Government coffers. The catalyst for all this was the decade old property bubble that burst with enormous casualties in 2008. The resulting mayhem brought down banks, collapsed property prices and propelled Ireland from being one of the wealthiest countries in the world to one of the poorest, requiring the intervention of the IMF and EU to rescue it. This came at a crippling cost that will be paid by the citizens for generations to come in the form of heavier taxes and reduced social services.

But the Irish are nothing if not resilient in the face of adversity. Optimism is a virtue that is abundant in Ireland. Having just thrown out the incompetent Government that overseen all the chaos, it feels like the start of new dawn in which the people dust themselves down and proceed to start all over. Nowhere is this more evident than in the tourism business which has the potential to rescue the country from the current problems that engulf it.

St Patrick’s Day on March 17th heralds the start of the new tourist season running forth to September and early October. Ireland has a huge diaspora dissipated all over the world and it is this that travel chiefs are banking on the support of to be a saviour of Irish tourism in the coming years. The success of tourism could partly, at least, compensate for the losses in other industry areas. Travel and hospitality are by their very nature labour intensive and generate jobs on a much higher ratio to investment than construction or financial services, for example.

For travelers to Ireland, the crisis in the economy presents great opportunities in value holidays and vacations. Rates of hotel and other types of accommodation have been slashed compared to the past where the country was regarded as being expensive to stay in. Dublin hotels, which were notorious in the past for excessive pricing, are now much more affordable.

Dublin offers so many attractions to the visitor to Ireland and the bustling city is also an excellent base from which to explore other regions of the country. St Patrick’s Day in Dublin is now actually a week of celebrations and provides a super opportunity to discover all the wonderful aspects of Irish heritage, music and culture as well as having a ball meeting the witty and indefatigable ordinary Dublin people who are most genuine and sincere in their welcome for visitors.

St. Patrick’s Day opens the door to the Irish tourist season. Why not step inside?

Destination Singapore

Simply one of the most exciting metropolises to visit and vacation destination beyond compare, this island country has and continues to enthrall millions across the world. A famous and thriving cosmopolitan city that it is, no wonder then that you'll find plenty of cheap flights to Singapore. Whoever referred to it as the "little red dot" probably has not seen the country in its own splendor. Overflowing with diversity as well as multiplicity of cultures, language, arts and architecture, the country offers more than just a world-class living environment.

The ubiquitous collage of myriad cultures, different ethnicities and beliefs coexisting and much more, Singapore is easily one of the places to visit in Asia. It is an inspiring nation replete with a landscape populated with skyscrapers and beautiful parks and gardens, a stunning seascape, and warm and hospitable locales. A trip is to Singapore is exciting, relaxing, enriching and juts unforgivable, all at once. If you are in Singapore for a few days, you might want to extend your stay. There's just so much to do and see here that most tourist come here well-equipped with a rather long stay. Singapore's dynamic and oh-so vibrant art scene is a feast for the senses. Take a trip to several of the art museums, general and specialist galleries, and exhibition spaces for some dekko at the works of international and local artists. Explore its vast ecosystem comprising great bounties of nature and wildlife.

Take a tour of the rainforests and wetlands for an undisturbed experience, or simply walk through the beautifully landscaped gardens and parks on the island, they are one too many here. if you happen to be visiting Singapore with family then a trip to Sentosa is a must. Offering the very best in thrilling entertainment for the young and the old alike, it is a one-in-all attraction that is ideal for a family getaway. Make merry through DUCK or HIPPO tours, thrill yourself silly by doing adventure sports, go around the man-made island atop an open-air bus, experience exotic marine life, or party by the beach after sunset. The safest place to be in, Singapore offers bright lights as company even at 2am in the morning. Sometimes you want to be where all the action is, feel like being in the middle of all the hustle-bustle is. That's exactly why places like Boat-Quay and Clark-Quay are big hits amongst nighttime revelers. A range of restaurants to choose from, a wide variety of discotheques, pubs and bars to pick from and the company of beautiful lake by your side, what more could one ask for?

Singapore is hugely popular not for the diversity in experiences that it offers but also the fact that it welcomes all kinds of tourists. You could wish a luxurious stay here or just make do with a cheap hotel and a cheaper car rental service, surround yourself with all the indulgences or be happy with stay in a bed and breakfast and all the freebies that the place has to offer. No matter what you want and how you want it, you'll find it here.

What Is An Inn?

An inn is an old fashioned term for a place where travelers seek lodgings for a night. It goes back quite a bit in time where inns were first established thousands of years ago as the Roman’s built their road system. They figured that people using those roads would also need somewhere to stay along the way on long journeys and the inn as we know it was born.

Back then, an inn was a place where you could rest, and also somewhere that you could get food. They had stables in the back for your horses to stay and instead of there being a lobby like we see in hotels these days, back then, you would have to knock on the door and the owner of the establishment, the innkeeper would answer the door and see if you were suitable to be allowed entry.

As we became more industrialized, more inns began to spring up, but they followed closely the routes of the transportation of the time. That is, if guests would be traveling by stagecoach, the inns would be on main roads that were frequented by the stagecoaches on their routes. When trains became the norm, they would only stop at select places along a route, and that is where you would find inns. People would get off the train and need somewhere close to the station to stay.

Today, with everyone owning a car or two, and freeways the popular way to travel, what do you see at most exits on the highways? That’s right, they are full of hotels of every description. The same philosophy holds true like it did all those years ago, inns, hotels, motels and even bed and breakfast establishments need to be where the travelers will be.

Nowadays of course, the word inn is sometimes just a part of a hotel company’s name, other times they don’t use the word at all, but instead are known as motels or hotels depending on the level of service they provide. Gone are the stables and instead we see parking lots for our ‘horses’. While it may have changed a bit, the main idea has stayed the same for centuries.

Some country pubs in Europe are still called inns as they always have been. They are more just a place to grab a drink with friends rather than to stay, but the history remains the same.

Tourism and Hotels in Asansol

Asansol-Durgapur Subdivision has been recorded as the most prospective region of West Bengal. The region has gained huge recognition in the recent past owed to its steadfast development in the field of coal and steel industries. If we focus specifically on Asansol, the city has been ranked as the 11th fastest growing city in India and it has been, in fact, ranked 42nd among the 100 fastest developing cities in the world. The growth of a number of steel, coal and railway industries in Asansol has given it the stature of the 39th largest urban agglomeration in India. Well known industries located in Asansol are Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, Indian Railways, IISCO Steel Plant, Eastern Coalfields and Hindustan Cables.

Today, almost every big and small business enterprise has been founded in Asansol and one such business which has been rising meteorally is hospitality. Recently, there has been an added frequent traveling of corporate and governmental officials to and fro in the city owed to growing industrial and professional requirement. Because of this, a good number of elite class hotels have sprung up in the industrial town and dominating the list is the Asansol International Hotel located on GT Road East in Murgansol and is most preferred by the corporate and VIPs. A number of other hotels include Hotel Parbati International near Parbati Shopping Arcade in Ashram More, Ispat International on Burnpur Road, Sormistha Residency on Vivekananda Sarani, and Ambassador Retreat on GT Road.

In addition to this, Asansol has also become a famous tourist place as people visiting Bardhaman district and its nearby areas, like Mython and Shantiniketan, choose Asansol as their hub due to availability of state of art hotels and lodging facilities for all types of tourists. To suit the budget of travelers, there are all levels and stars of hotels in Asansol and to name a few we must mention Chatterjee International in Rambandhutalaw, Citi Residenci on National Highway 2, Hotel Royal and Prakash International both located on Bastin Bazar Baker Ali Lane , Sri Niketan at Mallik Para, Avantika Lodging Pvt. Services on GT Road and RL Palace on Court More.

Hotels in Asansol make good business almost throughout the year. The corporate and governmental officials make trips round the year while tourists visit the place mainly during holiday seasons. The latest survey also shows as the steel and coal economy in the city has been growing strategically, other ancillary businesses including retail, hospitality, and restaurants will further spur in the coming days.

London On A Budget

London is a beautiful and unique city that has a lot of different attractions to offer. However, in one of the most expensive cities in the world, sometimes going out and enjoying yourself can become quite pricey and can limit your options. But do not despair, we've got you covered and have put together a few options of inexpensive or even free things to do in London!

I bet the idea of ​​spending your Friday night at the London Natural History Museum has never looked too appealing, however, it might be time to rethink it! On the last Friday of every month (excluding December), Lates with MasterCard provides a unique experience in London's Natural History Museum. The after hours attraction features a Dinosaur gallery and unique exhibitions that change monthly. Although it is free to attend Lates, you will have to buy tickets for select exhibitions and some special events, but prices are budget friendly. Live music and food is also provided, making this a fun spot to meet up with friends and enjoy something new!

Lavish and extravagant, Harrods is known worldwide for its high-end shops, exclusive boutiques, and expensive department stores. It's certainly not a destination where you want to open your wallet too wide (or at all), but is still worth the visit to watch in awe as shoppers drop thousands of dollars on a "couture" or "vintage" item. The ancient Egypt inspired décor and elegant seven-floor building featuring over three hundred and thirty departments, makes it a spot more than worth your time to explore. If you happen to work up an appetite from all the window-shopping, the mega-store also provides an abundance of food halls. Take a gander at their amazing selection of produce and meats, eat at the sushi bar, or stop in on one of the many eateries on the floor. Believe it or not, an hour or two can easily slip away while wandering the Harrods food halls.

If it's nice day out, why not spend it with some friends in Hyde Park? Located in central London, the park provides visitors a peaceful oasis from the busy pace of the city around them and it's free! There are plenty of activities that you can do once inside the park, such as swimming in the lake, boating, tennis courts, horseback riding, cycling, and plenty of room for team games like rugby, cricket, and softball. If it's wintertime, starting in November through January, spectators can enjoy ice-skating in the park. Also, why not catch up on some London's history and visit some of the famous buildings and monuments that Hyde Park has to offer- including the famous Achilles statue, Diana Memorial Fountain, and the Serpentine Bridge.

Lastly, be a tourist for a day and hit the triangle of plazas between Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus. This is the UK's version of America's Times Square. Firstly, Leicester square is considered the heart of London's entertainment district and always provides great people watching. This spot will be buzzing with tourists, theatergoers, and a variety of capturing street performers. There is definitely a dull moment at Leicester Square. Where Leicester Square is rich in entertainment, Trafalgar Square is rich in London culture and history. One can spend the day exploring statues and sculptures that are unique and iconic to London, including the busts and plinths of the royal British forefathers and a massive fountain that lights up at night. And last but not least, rounding out the triangle of plazas is the Piccadilly Circus. A world famous traffic circle built in 1819; Piccadilly Circus connects Regent Street to Piccadilly and is a common meeting place before heading out to neighboring burrows like Chinatown or Soho. The Circus has plenty of attractions to offer that will keep cinema buffs, musical theater lovers, and shopaholics occupied for hours on end.